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Abdul Baseer


Abdur Rasheed


Faheem Khalid


        SAAF, a group of programmers. We are about to launch some new and powerful  soft wares for free. We will also offer some sample codes of programming, which may be helpful for beginners of programming. You can also discuss your computer problems with us through e-mail. Here you will be able to download some free soft wares and other entertaining stuff from our Download Center. Some amazing 'tips and tricks' will show you the way to reach to expertise level of using Windows, Internet, Programming and DOS.

        Soon we are launching our 'Online discussion software', through which you will be able to discuss your computer problem with us online, and we will fix the problem from our site. We can also create a small software for you (free). You can also send us your ideas for development of our soft wares and Web site, your suggestions will be appreciated.